Child Crisis Center

The Child Crisis Center of El Paso provides the El Paso HOPES screening, intake, and assessment for the families. The beginning process of El Paso HOPES begins with a friendly Case Manager introducing the family to the available programs and services.

Case Management Services include:

  • Screening and assessment, where we listen family’s needs and wants
  • Service planning is the process of recommending beneficial programs and services of El Paso HOPES
  • Referrals to services and supports in the HOPES services system and in the community in order to meet the child and family’s needs
  • Family and child advocacy
  • On-going monitoring and support to ensure each family enrolled in El Paso HOPES is successful in meeting their family’s goals.

The Child Crisis Center of El Paso also provides Wraparound services to El Paso HOPES families. Wraparound is the opportunity to combine multiple services of El Paso HOPES, and also provide basic needs for the family. In this process the Child Crisis Center of El Paso gives the family voice and choice of the needed services. The free of charge assistance of Wraparound services also provide the family:

  • Individualized services, the programs and services are customized to the family.
  • Strength-based, the primary focus will be the positive attributes of the family.
  • Unconditional care allows the family to make mistakes without penalties.
  • Focuses on Natural Supports of the family to ensure necessary support.
  • Team-based collaborations between each of the participating programs to ease the process for the family.
  • Outcome Based provides the family with support for an end goal for the families.
  • Cost Responsibility assists families with pressuring expenses or basic necessities.