Paso del Norte Children’s Development Center

Paso del Norte Children’s Development Center is proud to deliver effective evidence-based services as a community partner of El Paso HOPES.

The Incredible Years parent training classes focus on strengthening parenting competencies and fostering parents’/caregivers” involvement with their children. The program is designed to work with parents of children 0-5 years old in a series of developmentally appropriate classes.

The strategies of The Incredible Years series are proven to help children:

  • Strengthen children’s social & play skills
  • Boost academic success
  • Reading and school readiness
  • Reduce defiance & aggressive behavior
  • Decrease children’s negative cognitive attributions

The Incredible Years also builds a support system for parents to confidently use the effective following practices:

  • How to play with your children
  • How to effectively use praise, positive attention, and encouragement
  • How to use reward & set limits
  • How to not engage with challenging behaviors
  • Using time-outs to calm down
  • Using natural and logical consequences
  • Teaching children how to problem solve
  • Teaching friendship skills and how to cope with peer problems
  • Coping with common behavior problems

**El Paso Center for Children, The Incredible Years and Parents as Teachers offer case management services, child care and basic needs.